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25% if your consolidation application was received on or after July 1, 2013.

Consolidation is one way to get out of default and back into current repayment.

This is most clearly a problem if you consolidate federal loans into a private consolidation loan (you would lose the rights associated with federal loans).

She frowned at me, kept on smelling different perfumes, and asking the clerk there various questions.

The next day, I texted her and hit her up for a third meet.

Russian Girl 4: I once briefly (you’ll see why) dated a Russian woman who would literally do shots of vodka first thing in the morning, right after she woke up.

I thought it was very strange and obviously a terrible idea, but since I’m outcome independent, it didn’t bother me.


At about 30 minutes into the discussion, she asked me if I could drive her to a friend’s house to drop something off.